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Bottom line, Facebook Groups For Entrepreneurs  Will Teach You to Grow Your Group & Business FAST!
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What you get TODAY:
  • Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs - Foundations (So you can learn the mindset of a successful group owner and skip ALL the rookie mistakes I made that killed my first 4 groups!) 
  • Engage With Purpose (So you can dominate your member's newsfeeds and show up consistently to get engaged members that post, comment, and enjoy the group!)
  • Branding, Structure & Onboarding (So you can impress new members, turn them into customers / clients faster, and provide valuable content consistently!)
  • Kickstarting Your Group With A Free Challenge (So you can start a group from 0 members confidently to get tons of engagement, provide a ton of value to your existing group that generates a ton of new leads, OR revive a dead group!)
  • Growth Strategies - (How to grow your group rapidly on autopilot with targeted members without paying for ads!) 
  • Converting Members to Customers (Posting strategies, expert positioning tips, and how to design your content to easily convert members into customers!)
  • The FULL Course above so you can grow your group and business!($3,000 Value)
  • Sales Funnel Secrets & templates so you can be confident that growing your group will result in growing your business ($2,000 Value)
  • BONUS: Step by step gamified accountability program to help you stay on track to complete and implement the course material in 30 days or less. Choose to do it yourself or we'll pair you with other students to go through the action steps together. We demand results and make it easier for you to succeed! ($1000 value)
  • Case studies so you can replicate some of my top performing engagement & lead generation posts for your business ($500 Value)
  • BONUS: Media Magnetism Masterclass so you can get tons of media appearances on autopilot without hiring an expensive PR company! ($500 Value)
  • BONUS: Constant live training so you can ask me questions and get clarity on your next steps to grow your group and business ($500 value)
  • BONUS: Private Student Group so you can network with other influencers & get feedback on your questions & challenges while growing a group! ($1,000+ Value)
  • BONUS: Access to the affiliate program so you can earn commissions for inviting your friends to the course too! (Sky is the limit!)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $8,500+
Everyone who takes action gets results! Are you ready for growth, engagement, leads, and sales? Watch this to see what people said:
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"It will grow your online presence more than any website, and build credibility faster than most other methods."

Mike Maitland
"To save themselves HOURS of guesswork, failure, bad strategies, etc. this stuff works. Follow the proven system!"

Biron Clark
"Don't sit around wasting your time. Sign up, implement, and watch your group grow with raving fans."

Øystein Sondrup
"I would MARRY this course. It is so thorough, IT WORKS and is consistent with my biz philosophies of not being spammy!"

Beth Griffith
"This course cuts the shit and helped me get right to building and engaged group. The sooner you join, the sooner you stop guessing what will work, and just start doing stuff that works."

Bobby Donohue
"It will help their group go from dead to thriving, and help them learn how to actually monetize it instead of just giving away their shit for free."

Samantha Grant
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