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But before you watch... Have you ever wondered why some groups are thriving and engaged while others become a barren wasteland with no one showing up?

The smart group owners know a few tricks to quickly get people active and engaged...

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You need to learn how to leverage the social science of engagement to expand your post reach, maximize engagement, position your group and brand for long term success, and be 110% confident that your members are going to be active so you can grow your business!
There are TWO types of Facebook group owners. Those who have a thriving community, and those who post to a barren wasteland.

The problem is - failed group owner's can't pinpoint where they went wrong, and how they could've done it right the first time...
Why Grow A Facebook Group RIGHT The First Time?
  • More customers and clients with ease
  • More brand awareness, raving fans, and a thriving community of likeminded people
  • Expert positioning, media opportunities, and an audience eager to hear from you
  • Become an invaluable resource for your audience and the go to person in your industry
  • The social proof that comes with having a strong and responsive following
  • The ability to reach this audience at ANY time, without having to pay for ads
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  • A deep dive session about social science behind engagement
  • The content strategies I use to maximize engagement within the group and on my timeline
  • A case study on 7 of my posts that got huge engagement and a breakdown of exactly why they worked so well
  • BONUS: The podcast recording of the epiphanies I had about FB groups that led me to changing my strategy, 10xing engagement, and growing by THOUSANDS of members shortly after these epiphanies hit me like a bag of bricks
  • BONUS: The story behind my group, and what happened in the group as I grew from 0-100, 100-1k, 1k-2k, and 2k-5k+ (Now we're up to 45,000+!)
If you want to get engagement like Sem, Bobby and so many others did...
Mitchell's Story:
Myrna's Story:
Sylvania's Story:
Before you go... one more question: 
What would it be worth to you to KNOW that you have people consistently engaging with your group and brand online?

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That’s like dinner for two at Applebees - and if you’re saying you value that more than having an engaged group of followers and fans that helps you grow your business, please shut this window now, and go re-evaluate your priorities.

Listen, it took me 6 months to go from 0-1k members. 1 month to go from 1k-2k. And since then in under a year... we went from 2k > over 45,000 members. This last bit of growth was NO accident!

Did you know that the more engagement you get, the more organic group growth you get?

You know what that means don't you? More free targeted leads! 

I want to give you my best engagement and post structuring strategies that made this happen FAST. 

If I could start all over today with the information in this masterclass, I bet I’d be at 100,000 members by now. It’s potent stuff.

So you’ve got the choice - do you want to be one of the thousands of FB group owners who set themselves up to fail and have their group dry up, and waste all that time they put in, or do you want to do it right and position your business for the long run?

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See you on the inside, and cheers to your FB group success!

-Arne Giske

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